Week 2

Class 1

Monday Sept. 17, 2018. Supervised by Ms. Healey.

Topics covered:

  • Syntax and features of reStructuredText and sphinx-doc.
  • How to document our progress.

We have read the following tutorials:

We have decided that it is very necessary to go over the technical details of how to builld a documentation using reStructuredText––the langauge of our choice. The documentation page you are seeing right now is built completely on top of reStructuredText, rendered by sphinx, which is why it is valuable to go through those tutorials.

In addition, we have watched the following videos as homework:

Class 2

Wednesday Sept. 19, 2018. Supervised by Dr. Bardoe.

Topics covered:

  • Determinants of matrices and their applications
  • Applications and the derivation of vector cross products
  • Applications of implicit curves, contours
  • Partial differentiations
  • Applications of n-dimensional gradients

See also

Summary section Matrices

The class today basically deepened our understanding in linear algebra. Both of us are currently taking linear algebra and we know how to do matrix operations and so forth. However what we didn’t understand was why we do it this way. For example, we have all learned in pre-calculus the method of calculating the determinant of an arbitrary sized square matrix. But we didn’t understand why we calculate it using that weird way and, in the case of determinants, what does that number even mean algebraically.